The Authority is governed by a Governing Body consisting of the members of the City Council of the City of Moore Haven, FL. 


The Authority has retained T. Kiser, Inc. as Program Administrator. All inquiries about the Authority, including information on bond issuance, should be made to Theodore W. Kiser, Program Administrator, 331 Stalman Lane, Kennerdell, PA 16374, telephone (814) 498-0003.



Program Administrator


T. Kiser, Inc. functions as the Program Administrator for the Authority.  It's president, Theodore W. Kiser is a licensed certified public accountant in the state of Florida.  He has over 35 years of experience working with government entities in various fields including bond financing, auditing, consulting, compliance monitoring, rate analysis, accounting and other services.  He has been involved in bond financings totaling in excess of one billion dollars.





The Authority has the ability to work with underwriters and investment bankers that you already have on your team or we can help in locating underwriters and investment bankers that will complement existing members of the team to ensure a smooth and efficient closing of your financing transaction.





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CaPFA | 299 Riverside Drive, Moore Haven, FL.  33471 | Tel  814-498-0003                                                                                

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